Driving change with personalized in-car audio content

Audioburst's automotive infotainment solutions offer personalized listening experiences, powerful user analytics and unique monetization opportunities

Add audio to your content strategy

  • Ingest

    Personalized talk audio

    Personalized short form audio tailored to each and every driver

  • Ingest

    Data analytics

    Track driver data and behavior through content consumption analytics

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    Seamless monetization

    Create a new subscription or ads based revenue stream

  • 5,000
    Content sources
  • 100+
    Playlist categories
  • 150M
    Talk-audio bursts
  • 8,500
    Bursts Created Daily

Explore endless playlists and select what’s right for your app

Select from a diverse range of ready-made topical playlists, create your own, or get a recommendation from our team of experts

Generate entirely new revenue streams

Our built-in monetization engine kicks in when there's enough traction, offering two different monetization mechanisms

  • Infotainment system
  • Usage analytics